We've heard rumors that the Suspects are touring the cosmos.

Truth is, we will be playing at an undisclosed location in Portland in mid-September. We categorically deny that we are booked at the Edgewater Inn (Seattle). Yet.

We do confirm, however, that we will be playing our last pre-tour gig at the Kosmos Restaurant on Saturday, September 4. We will need witnesses.

You know the place: that artspace on 5th Street whose walls have reverberated with everything from Church of Beethoven to burlesque to poetry to, well, Los Unusual Suspects.

Another rumor: the Kosmos campus will be undergoing big changes this Fall. Keep an eye on it. Witness for yourself. The truth is out there.

Rumors aside, you can count on the Suspects to be in the Kosmos:

Los Unusual Suspects Saturday, September 4 6:00 - 8:30 (or beyond) Kosmos Restaurant 1517 5th St. NW Burque